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A New Blog to Showcase My Poetry, Articles, Essays and Other Writings

September 28, 2009
Paul B. Rucker bio pic

Paul B. Rucker bio pic

For many years I have travelled around the USA to present and sell my art, which is figurative and metaphysical (for convenience I call it “Visionary Art” with the proviso that that means many things to many people). For more than 20 years I have been putting it out there and have achieved a certain amount of fame in various circles, notably for my interpretation of the Blue God Melek Ta’us and interestingly, my Faerie Blue Man character which I have been enacting at the Faerieworlds festival and other locations in recent years.

It’s less well known that I write– or more accurately, have written— various kinds of pieces pertaining to my creative and life experiences.

This is the format I am currently experimenting with to showcase various writings of mine over the years– some published, and some not. (Publishing credits are listed when applicable.) Much of what will appear here is material I thought too good to be consigned to oblivion, so I bring it online to enjoy a second life and hopefully many memetic propagations.

Many know me as a visual artist– yet I am uncommonly verbal for someone who thinks in pictures. At certain intervals I have actually generated the discipline required to set my words into some kind of structure and form. 

It’s like exercising an entirely different set of muscles but the balance produces tone and a certain amount of philosophical stamina. Since the content of my images takes in much inspiration from lore and narrative and story, it seems fitting that my writings make use of telling images: I am a writerly painter and a painterly writer.

My posts to WordPress are selections from many points in my life and will include future updates and additions. All works are copyrighted in my name but can be quoted if an author credit is included. (Let me know about it if you can, it produces nice feelings!) Feel free to share your input or questions as well.

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